7 Days Offline

7 Days Offline

The real cost of businesses being a victim of ransomware is downtime. All it takes is for one person in an organization to click on the wrong email to throw a company into turmoil.  Whether the business decides to pay the ransom or not there will still be downtime.

In a recent survey of over 1,000 businesses victimized by ransomware over 85% reported their computers being offline for over 7 days. Furthermore, 33% of victims reported inaccessibility to their data for up to a month. This demonstrates that businesses are still unprepared for what is becoming an epidemic of sorts for small and medium businesses. In the same survey, 66% reported their businesses lacked a policy for handling a ransomware attack.

In fact, most employees don’t clearly understand how to respond to an attack nor do they understand what the difference between ransomware and a virus is.

Responding to the ransomware attack and not trying to understand the root cause is the best course of action.   We’ve seen many company employees waste precious time deliberating the root cause rather than taking the proper steps to get their data back.

We are only now starting to see certain business sectors  include a process for ransomware in their best practices.  Companies should expect a ransomware attack to occur and take measures to prepare for it!