Blueshift Data Protection is a leading provider of private and public cloud backup services. Blueshift delivers secure, off-site, disk-based, data backup, recovery and archiving solutions for clients ranging from small, medium-sized to large organizations. We develop and deliver unique cross platform data backup solutions that effectively reduce client costs, decrease risks and improve service levels.

Founded in 2004 by a team of network security specialists, Blueshift is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company continuously invests in service development solutions to meet the needs of our clients and service partners.

Reasons to Choose Blueshift

Established in Tokyo in 2004 Blueshift is a pioneer in the Asia-Pacific online data backup and recovery market. Over this period we have designed, developed and implemented innovative solutions for our clients and partners.
Blueshift takes IT security very seriously. Our core leadership all have extensive information security backgrounds. This experience translates into all facets of our business and client services.
Human Factor
We understand that all client needs are not created equal. We treat every need in perspective and spend time to fully understand a client’s data backup and recovery needs.
From our straightforward pricing and easy access to service information you can be assured that their will be no hidden costs or service surprises.
Deep Understanding
Blueshift develops data backup software and solutions from the ground up giving us a unique understanding of how technologies like de-duplication, compression and encryption can best benefit our clients.
Our entire team prides itself on hard work and going the extra mile for our clients and partners.