Leading Provider of Private & Public Cloud Backup Services

Leading Provider of Private & Public Cloud Backup

Information technology and data centres are the foundation of Blueshift Data Protection operations. The Tokyo-based infrastructure services provider requires access to resilient data centres with the highest possible uptime and lowest latency, so its global clients have access to the storage services it offers. Downtime or delays of any kind can mean lost revenue and unhappy customers.
Blueshift hasn’t had to worry about such problems thanks to Colt DCS. The uptime, connectivity, latency levels and resiliency delivered to the customers of Blueshift, a partner and customer of Colt DCS, have more than satisfied its needs.
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The services offered by Colt DCS have helped differentiate it from competitors too. For example, Colt DCS can assist Blueshift clients in Japanese and English, which is useful for multinational companies based in countries with many English-speaking employees and Japanese operations.
Also, value-added services offered by the data centre operator, such as Remote Hands Support, gives customers like Blueshift much-needed access to local experts based in Colt DCS facilities in Japan. For example, Blueshift can have a blown hard drive swapped out by Colt DCS staff. The superior service delivered makes Colt DCS a valued supplier and partner of Blueshift.

The core functions of Colt DCS data centres in Japan, connectivity in particular, have met or exceeded the needs of Blueshift for years, Reichow said.
‘Connectivity is a key competitive advantage for Colt DCS,’ said Reichow. ‘Local carriers in Japan don’t offer the same level of service. It’s a mess if we try to work through carriers here.’
The location and the space offered by Colt DCS data centres have made the operator an ideal partner of the solutions provider.

Colt DCScan meet their needs because the company maintains what Reichow calls ‘high-quality data centres that are high security.’
That’s essential information for Blueshift customers including those in Tokyo’s technology and financial services sectors with high specifications.
Colt DCS has been able to reliably accommodate the needs of Blueshift customers despite varying space and connectivity requirements.

‘Colt DCS data centres provide what you’d expect in a home,’ said Reichow. ‘You hit the switch in your house, and the lights always come on. You open the fridge and there’s food and drink in it so to speak. That’s what we need.’
Value-added services, such as Remote Hands Support, the Colt DCS customer portal and bilingual customer support have been useful too, Reichow said.

Why would you recommend Colt DCS?
The ease of doing business with Colt DCS, the quality and resiliency of the data centres as well as the connectivity offered are three reasons why it’s a valuable supplier and partner of Blueshift.
For Reichow, ongoing improvements to existing facilities are important too as it gives Blueshift customers the confidence Colt DCS will do what’s needed to ensure their data will be adequately secured and delivered quickly.
‘They want to know that you’re in a strong data centre with high security,’ said Reichow.

The positive working relationship between the parties and the many drivers of data growth in Japan, such as 5G networks and automation more broadly, combined with the quality of data centres and value-added services offered by Colt DCS leaves Reichow optimistic about the working relationship. ‘We’re happy with the relationship to date and we look forward to combining efforts more in future,’ he said.