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No More Software Agents

Agent-less backup, as the name implies, is a data backup solution that does not require installation of software agents on each and every server, desktop or mobile device that you intend to backup.

Agent-less Is Non-disruptive

Whether using physical devices or virtual machines agent-less solutions offer a non-disruptive way to backup and recover business critical data. Unlike traditional backup software which requires the installation of software agents on every device Blueshift delivers data backup and recovery agent-lessly.

No Server Reboots

Traditional data backup requires software to be installed on each and every device, then you reboot the device to complete the installation process, with an agent-less solution no software is installed so no reboot. Blueshift utilizes standard Windows API’s like VSS or VMware’s VADP and initiates backup from the connecting machines on the network in a step by step manner. The data to be backed up is made ready for backup from the controlling system. The controlling system then communicates with VSS or VADP and requests them to create a snapshot of the volume and feed the same to the remote backup server via the controlling machine interface. Full virtual machines and physical machines can be recovered in the same manner.


Agent-less Microsoft SQL Server Protection

Restore your database when you need it most

Technical Overview

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Agent-less Means Better Data Security

Today data security is at the forefront of almost any Information Technology (IT) solution. The use of agents with a backup and recovery solution either a tape or a disk-to-disk (D2D) product, have a direct impact on data security, recoverability, and costs. IT managers know the downsides that accompany agent-based solutions. A port in the firewall must be opened for every agent. Since almost every agent has administrative privileges, it effectively creates vulnerability in the server architecture. Hackers need only to tap into the agent to attack the server. With limited in-flight encryption, agents put data at risk during transmission from the remote office to the data center. Agent-less backup solutions don’t invite agent based security risks and customer data is encrypted in-flight and at-rest.


Limited CPU Loads

Software agents use the host CPU to accomplish any required tasks like data de-duplication, compression and encryption. The more tasks initiated the more CPU used which will cause host systems to slow dramatically or grind to a halt. Conversely, with our agent-less backup all de-duplication, compression and encryption processes are off-loaded to our dedicated DataProtect Appliance (DPA) or service software can be deployed on a client VM as an option.

Decrease Your Backup Infrastructure Overhead

Management of software agents in enterprise environments can be a real challenge. As you have more pieces of software to manage and to fail. More sites, more data, more applications, more users, more systems, more agents – growth makes everything harder to manage. As infrastructure expands in size and complexity, problem diagnosis takes longer. Every operating system upgrade, now implemented monthly by many organizations creates more opportunities for conflicts amongst applications, including proliferating backup agents. The fact is backup agents drain IT resources, cause disruptive downtime, and ultimately undermine the certainty of data recoverability.


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