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Delivering Local Data Backup and Recovery

The Blueshift DPA is a purpose built smart NAS, deployed on your premise, owned and managed by Blueshift. The DPA de-duplicates, compresses, encrypts, and securely transfers critical client data to predefined data center locations for safe keeping. Additional benefits include rapid data restores, data integrity checks, data replication, bandwidth utilization management and more.

security box new2Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Blueshift’s DataProtect Service delivers on-site backup storage capacity plus off-site Disaster Recovery capability when client data is securely transferred to data centers for safe keeping. We believe that by offering clients both on-premise and off-site backup we significantly improve data recovery levels over traditional tape based technology. Tape based backup solutions require software agent installation on target devices and typically have high data recovery failure rates.

PBBA3Purpose Built Backup Appliance (PBBA)

De-duplication backup target appliances have played an instrumental role in reducing or eliminating tape for backup. According to Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant report, by 2018, 50% of applications with high change rates will be backed up directly to de-duplication target appliances, bypassing the backup server, up from 10% today. Blueshift wholly supports Gartner’s position and in fact has been custom building PBBA’s for clients since 2006.

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