Smaller Than You Think

A disaster is often smaller than what people think. You don’t need crumbling buildings and major earthquakes for data loss to happen. Even if buildings are unharmed, a big enough shake can have a negative impact on servers and hard disks. Blueshift is there to protect these unforeseen events.

Flexibility To Meet Your Needs

Our data backup and recovery service can be delivered as either public or private depending on client requirements. We provide on and off-site solutions for the fastest and most effective recovery times.  For customers with particular needs we will take time to consult on the right approach based on our years of experience.

Protect Your Data In World Class Data Centers

Locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa & Singapore

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Built For The Cloud

From the beginning Blueshift has focused on delivering the best possible off-site data backup and recovery service for our clients and partners. The services we have built over the years is based on having multiple copies of our client’s data saved in an encrypted format at multiple locations to ensure data availability.

Tape Data-less

In a tape-driven environment, IT engineers often find themselves wasting cycles backing up data they will never use or cannot recover. Things go wrong with tapes as their reliability is not usually up to expectations. By offering a better alternative to traditional tape backup we eliminate wasted time while addressing the following recovery point and time objectives.

RPO (Recovery Point Objective)

This metric is an indication of the amount of data at risk of being lost.  It’s determined by the amount of time between data protection events and reflects the amount of data that potentially could be lost during a disaster event.

RTO (Recovery Time Objective)

This relates to downtime. The metric refers to the amount of time it takes to recover from a data loss event and how long it takes to return to service. RTO refers then to the amount of time the system’s data is unavailable or inaccessible preventing normal service.