Supporting Multi-platform or Cross-platform Client Needs

Whether you are running Windows, Linux, OS X or a virtualized environment we deliver our backup and recovery service at the same high level. From servers to desktops and mobile devices we are here to support your critical data protection needs using our public cloud service or a private cloud solution in the environment of your choice.


Agent-less Backup of Oracle on Windows, Linux and Unix Servers

Cloud backup & restore of Oracle

Technical Overview


No Device Left Behind

Our mantra – no device left behind means just that to our clients. Over the years we have encountered many client environments where the agent based backup technology no longer supports an older version of Microsoft, Linux or VMware. With our agent-less solution no device is left behind. There is no software installation or unnecessary reboot required. This is a huge benefit to enterprises who have servers or applications that can’t be shut down even for a short period of time.


Try Before You Buy!

Blueshift offers potential clients and partners our service as a Proof-of-Concept (POC). Allow us to show you how we can help improve your backup and recovery posture without the standard vendor hassles of installing third party software on your critical devices. You can try before you buy without any risk to your IT environment.



Big Data, No Problem

Blueshift backs up large amounts of data in multi-terabyte scale with agent-less technology. We can deliver our service on client virtual machines (VMs), partner servers or with our own DataProtect hardware appliance.

Agent-less Microsoft SQL Server Protection

Restore your database when you need it most

Technical Overview