Enterprise Cloud Backup and Recovery for Endpoint Devices

Mobile endpoint devices – laptops, smartphones, and tablets – are an essential fixture of the modern corporate landscape. However, with thousands of mobile devices being lost, stolen, or damaged daily, how do you protect your organization’s data on these devices from loss? Perhaps more importantly, how do you prevent sensitive corporate data from falling into the wrong hands?

The Gap in your Data Security

Chances are your employees have sensitive corporate data – including confidential emails, customer lists, and future business plan presentations – on mobile devices outside your firewall. These devices get lost or stolen more often than you may realize. When they do, the data they contain is prized by thieves who, attempt to profit from it or cause grief in some other way. Bring your own device (BYOD) policies only compound the problem. How do you arm your mobile employees with the data they need to be productive without exposing your organization to potentially catastrophic data loss and breaches?

How Blueshift Can Help

Blueshift gives you control with advanced data loss prevention and protection capabilities for mobile endpoint devices that help you keep your data safe and secure, including:
Automation: Schedule automated, point-in-time backup of data on all leading mobile platforms to a secure data center. Set it and forget it.
Granular backups: Choose the frequency and granularity of backups. For example, on BYOD devices, you can exclude personal apps, folders, and data from the backup.

Blueshift supports all the leading operating systems and platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. The Blueshift Cloud Backup App for tablets and smartphones is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Protection for Endpoint Devices

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