Public Cloud Service

Blueshift’s public cloud backup and recovery services are strategically located to ensure geographic diversity, service accessibility and data security. Clients typically connect to our public cloud service using a standard Internet connection. This means there are no additional telecom or Internet service provider fees to use our service. Additionally, all data is encrypted on client premise before transferring off-site to the data centers for safe keeping. Clients have the option to store backup data locally using the Blueshift DataProtect Appliance (DPA) or with their own appliance or virtual machine.

Private Cloud Service

Blueshift delivers private cloud backup and recovery services to our client’s location of choice. Typically driven by corporate rules and or market regulations our private cloud clients present strict cloud service guidelines that require added security measures, delivery options and or reporting guidelines.

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Cross-Connect not Cloud-Connect

There are many different ways for you to connect to the DataProtect service. From a standard Internet connection to MPLS or simple leased line. We can also deliver our service via a data center cross-connection directly to a switch in your rack. We deliver to our client’s needs so you don’t need to spend your time and effort trying meet ours.


Local, Regional or International

We keep public service backups where they belong. For clients in Japan, we backup in Japan. For clients outside of Japan we follow the same rules, we don’t transfer public service data outside the country of origin unless explicitly requested by the client.

Private service customers on the other hand are free to choose any office or data center location for service deployment that fits their needs. We believe that data recovery is a local issue so when needs strike, we assure close proximity to the latest backup.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

We Keep Your Company Up and Running

Business interruptions come in all shapes and sizes. Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) are processes that help organizations prepare for these interruptions. We believe the first steps in any solid DR/BCP strategy is to understand where your most critical data resides, how is it being backed up, and what are your restore options. Blueshift focuses and your data backup and recovery needs so you can concentrate on other aspects of DR/BCP readiness.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Through years of supporting client and partner needs we have a developed a number of value-added services including DRaaS. Our DRaaS offering provides clients with a well documented playbook of processes and technical test scenarios for enterprises that need quarterly, yearly or more frequent testing of their Disaster Recovery (DR) or Business Continuity Planning (BCP) requirements.

Can We Help?

Many organizations are replicating snapshots of their data, system settings and applications to either their local infrastructure or a dedicated hosting operator. The capability has been around for some time but how about testing a company’s DR readiness? Have you established Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)? What are you Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)? How much data can you afford to lose? These are all important questions that may not be answered. Please contact us and let us help.

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