Data Protection for Virtualized Environments

Traditional agent-based backup and recovery solutions can dramatically impact the security, performance and total cost of ownership of virtualized environments. As organizations expand their use of virtualization, they need to closely examine whether their data protection strategy supports efficient, fast, secure backups that won’t tax storage, network, or computing resources.

How It Works

Simple to implement, operate and manage, Blueshift DataProtect enables you to instantly restore your virtual environments, helping you to compress recovery time objectives. As an integrated, enterprise-wide solution, it offers a centralized management interface to ensure compliant, fast backup and recovery across all physical and virtual environments throughout the enterprise.

More Details

System components can be deployed as virtual appliances, and have been tested and certified on the following virtualization platforms:

VMware clusters or standalone workstation and server, using vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) and Changed Block Tracking (CBT)
Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Cluster and Volume Shadow Services (VSS) writer
Citrix XenServer, XenDesktop and VM Protection and Recovery snapshots
RedHat KVM Enterprise Virtualization for Servers Desktops
Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, Server, Workstation, Desktop
Oracle VM Server

Support for Virtualized Environments

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Technical Overview

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Virtual Disaster Recovery

Organizations increasingly rely on virtual machines for their critical data and applications and need them to remain available at all times. Blueshift DataProtect ensures that businesses continue to operate as usual, even as they recover from local machine or complete site failures. Our backup service helps organizations meet their business continuity and disaster recovery objectives with a simple, efficient, low-impact and secure solution.

With DataProtect You Can

Recover Immediately from Local Machine Failures – Local vDR allows you to recover faster from machine outages by simply turning on a backup copy of the virtual machine in your local environment and continue business operations with little or no downtime.

Convert Critical Physical Machines into Virtual Copies – Recover faster from machine outages by maintaining multiple generations, allowing you to switch back to an earlier point in time copy in a matter of minutes.

Fail Over to a Warm Spare in a Remote Data Center – In the event of a catastrophic site failure, normal business operations can continue, even as you recover the primary site. DataProtect enables organizations to perform resource-efficient backups of their virtual machines. Low-impact backups minimize the use of storage, network and computing resources, while ensuring all backup data is always recoverable. We extend VMware’s Changed Block Tracking (CBT) features to both backup and restore ensuring that you recover instantly, while using the least amount of resources.

The instant recovery capabilities of Virtual Disaster Recovery are provided to you at no additional cost! Unlike other solutions, we believe that you should not have to pay extra for instant recovery.



vDR Failover & Failback



VMware Replication Capable

We deliver VMware vSphere replication to the enterprise. This new service capability allows for replication without backup to one or more warm, on or offsite replicas. Suitable for the most demanding RTOs, this eliminates the need for 3rd party VM replication solutions or special skills to manage and maintain the alternate solutions. There is no additional monthly charge to existing clients for this feature.

Minimize Your Downtime

Every minute counts when you’re recovering mission-critical applications. That’s why organizations rely on virtual machine (VM) replication to maintain a standby server on premise or at a remote site to minimize downtime. We leverage the native APIs snapshot of VMware vSphere to provide you with point-to-point VM replication without backup, giving you failover times that are extremely fast.

Avoid Data Loss, We’re Here To Help

WMs are like any other data source – data loss can happen at any time. The impact to your organization can be severe if you ever need to recover the VM data but can’t. We help mitigate this risk by giving you the power to take unlimited point in time backups of VMs across your organization. Based on rules you define on a per-VM basis, we will automatically take as few or as many backups as you wish, enabling you to set and meet recovery point objectives (RPOs) that match your business requirements.

Why Pay Extra?

Why allocate your precious IT budget for 3rd party VM replication when you can achieve near-high availability and disaster recovery for your virtualized environment with our service.


Comprehensive VM Data Replication

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