Stormcast 2018 – Top 6 Predictions

Stormcast 2018 – Top 6 Predictions

GDPR. General Data Protection Regulations. The EU regulation that applies to every country in the world. Companies are expected to be in compliance by May 2018.

Forecast 1: A Wave of GDPR litigation will hit non-compliant corporations.  Cross-border data transfers will also result in litigation and proposed fines.
Forecast 2: Non-compliant companies will be vulnerable to a new type of ‘blackmail’ giving opportunity for criminals, disgruntled employees to prove they have erased personal data they hold.  Failure to comply could expose risk of going public and large fines.

NORTH KOREA tensions will escalate online to a cybersecurity war.

Forecast: Hacker groups will continue to target Western allied nations for cyber espionage purposes.

IoT security challenges.

Forecast: A plethora of IoT vulnerabilities will be discovered in cars, surveillance cameras, door locks, air travel, medical devices and even power girds.  The FBI has already confirmed a researcher hacked into a 747-inflight entertainment system. The first high profile exploits are likely in 2018.

CLOUD SECURITY will become critical.

Forecast 1: Cloud storage infrastructures targeted by cybercriminals. Most major breaches have been caused by third party negligence (such as the recent Amazon S3 buckets).  Vendor due diligence will become critical for technology purchase rather than an afterthought
Forecast 2: There will be a major breach of one of the big 3 cloud providers (AWS, Azure or Google)


Forecast 1: A major vulnerability will be discovered in at least one of the popular crypto-currencies causing it to topple.
Forecast 2: More cybercriminals will attempt to steal crypto-currency via malware from victims’ computers or deploy hidden mining tools on devices.

RANSOMWARE will get worse!

Forecast: New variations, new techniques and focus on specific targets.  Havoc is only a click away and WannaCry was just an appetizer.