Summer ‘DR’ Plans

What Are Your Summer Plans? Sorry, I Meant What Are Your Summer DR Plans!

I realize that many of you are now putting together your summer plans,but I’ve also committed to putting together a summer Disaster Recovery(DR) plan.
Earlier this year, the company’s directors asked the IT team to give them plans on how to use technology to make the company better.

One of my colleagues is looking into desktop virtualization, and another is working on IoT, but I’m focused on information security. These days ransomware attacks are all over the news, and I read there are over 200 different variations! I think senior management will be interested in learning how we can better secure our data against these threats.

My plan involves using cloud technology to securely transfer data to remote data centers for safe keeping. I’m calling my plan “The Triple Play” as we will have backup data in three (3) locations
(1) on-site appliance and (2) off-site locations.

I know three locations may seem like overkill but I think it’s better to be extra safe than very sorry.  Initially, I’ll replace our two DAS (direct attached storage) with an on-site backup appliance. The problem with our DAS devices is that because they have shared files and the drives can be mapped they are a ransomware risk ?

The on-site backup appliance is much more secure. The underlying problem with DAS, NAS, files shares like DropBox and even cloud storage is that all have shared or mapped drives making them high risk targets for ransomware.
All of these devices have been attacked in the recent past. Unlike a NAS or DAS, the on-site backup appliance can also manage data de-duplication, compression and encryption before securely transferring our data to two geographically separated locations for safe keeping.

Our IT staff can manage the remote backup data via a GUI making it simple to restore on demand. As the data is encrypted using an encryption key only known to my company, no one else can see our data – not even the service provider.
Finally, the data stored off-site is not susceptible to ransomware attack vectors, making my summer plans less stressful than ever before.