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All client needs are not created equal. We treat every need in perspective and spend time to fully understand particular situations affecting our clients before we prescribe a solution. Blueshift is like the data doctor; consulting whenever data health threats arise.

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Every Step of the Way

We support clients from the moment they first encounter us following our particular methodology.

♦ Assess – understand current situation
♦ Analyze – place current situation in perspective
♦ Propose – provide set of options and implementation paths that solve problems
♦ Proof of Concept – we bring the solution in and let clients and prospects use it so they can experience what we can do before further commitments are made

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Backup Policy Creation

Blueshift supports customers with backup policy creation, retention settings, scheduling, restore testing and much more.  Blueshift engineers will guide you through the initial installation to the final restore test.

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Creating a backup policy


Blueshift Customer Case Studies

Learn how customers have solved problems with Blueshift Solutions

Case Studies


Our service is an operational expense (OpEx) and not a capital expense (CapEx). Clients simply receive a monthly bill like a standard utility and we only charge by volume of data. We want the billing process to be as transparent to our clients as possible.

We also strive to set service expectations at the beginning of each and every client engagement. This allows the client to clearly understand our service benefits and pricing.



Whether called during normal business hours or in the middle of the night, we are always able to assist our clients with any need they may have. Blueshift often takes the role of a reliable friend that is readily available to provide assistance with backup and disaster recovery related needs.

While we typically offer our services through partners in the IT industry, we many times become the primary point of contact for the client.



Harmony and Humanity

By always being available to meet clients in person or on the phone, we bring harmony and humanity to the business and IT equation – making sure our clients understand what’s happening at any given time. We do all the hard work so clients don’t have to.

Our goal is to be as open and as transparent as possible so that our clients receive the service levels they are expecting. By meeting or exceeding our client’s service levels we are delivering clear and measurable value.


The Human Factor

Professionals you can trust. Support you can rely on. With unbeatable and timely customer service we are always within reach.

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